I am a "Scatterling of Africa”.   Forever inspired by my birthplace South Africa, I have in the last decades called several places home. After many years in Australia, I am for now living with my family in Hong Kong.   

I paint with watercolour on a unique imported clay surface which allows the pigments to retain their purity and vibrancy. The technique I have developed builds up the colour on the boards, creating patterns of fading and darkening, evocative of the thin patina layer which develops over time on woods and metals. Like a patina, my technique creates subtle colour changes and patterns, adding character. The final art is hung without glass.

I paint in this way with watercolour because it celebrates so much of what I value about life: the new and the old and the perfectly imperfect. A celebration of simplicity. Of unpredictability and the invitation to serendipity. Watercolour carries many learnings of life. Like life, watercolour does unexpected things that cannot be changed or covered up but can be cultivated. Paradoxically, producing a spontaneous painting involves thoughtful deliberations, with the smaller marks and intricacies of the painting taking careful consideration. Much like life itself.